Joan of Arc's letter to Troyes, 22 September 1429




Joan of Arc's letter to Troyes, 22 September 1429


According to an entry in the registers of the municipal council at Troyes, a letter from Joan of Arc dated 22 September 1429 was read out to the assembly on 2 October 1429.

The date of the letter means that it was written a day after the army was disbanded at Gien, following the return from the canceled siege of Paris. The Royal Court, tantalized by the promise of a truce with the Duke of Burgundy, had withdrawn the army against the wishes of Joan and most of the nobles and soldiers. The letter therefore must have delivered little but bad news, although the entry in the city's registers only specifically mentions one such point.

This entry is included below; an English translation is on the left, notes and commentary on the right. A transcription of the original language is also available.

English Translation1 Notes and Commentary

"Similarly, in the aforesaid assemblyn1 there was read a letter from Joan the Maiden, written at Gien the 22nd day of the aforesaid month [September], in which she commends herself to my lords, makes known to them her tidings, and that she had been wounded at Paris."n2

Note 1: This refers to a meeting, mentioned farther up in the entry, held by the Bailiff of Troyes (Francois de La Granche) in the city's Royal Hall.

Note 2: She had been wounded on September 8th, while trying to find a place for her troops to cross Paris' inner moat. She was carried back to safety, against her will, and the attack was called off.

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