Joan of Arc's Letters, Early August 1429




Joan of Arc's Letters Prior to August 16, 1429


The archives of Compiègne mention a courier named Tassart du Tielt who had brought letters from Joan of Arc during his mission of 15 days, from the 2nd through the 16th of August, 1429.

This entry is included below; an English translation is on the left, notes and commentary on the right. A transcription of the original language is also available.

English Translation.1 Notes and Commentary

"To Tassart du Tielt,n1 for having gone to the town of Compiègne and elsewhere to the King our lord, to learn and inquire about any news, from which he brought back letters from the Maiden, who is with the King;n2 during which journey he spent fifteen days, ending on the sixteenth day of the aforesaid month of August, [for which his payment is] 105 sous."

Note 1: The same hard-working fellow later obtained more letters from Joan of Arc and Charles VII in September. See: Letter(s) prior to 14 September 1429.

Note 2: The Royal army at this time was slowly winding its way toward Paris, accepting the submission of towns along the way. A series of skirmishes were fought at Montépilloy on the 14th and 15th.

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