Joan of Arc's 'Letter to the English', footnote 1

From the Condemnation Trial transcript, testimony on February 22, 1431: "She said that she sent letters to the English at Orléans telling them to leave, just as in the copy of the letters which had been read to her in this town of Rouen, except two or three words in the copy; for example, where in this copy it says 'Surrender to the Maiden' it should be written 'Surrender to the King'; also these words are written: 'an eye for an eye' and 'commander', which were not in the original letters".
In MS 1119, the relevant passage occurs on folio 14v, lines 15 - 20 (see "Procès de Condamnation...", folio 14v).
For translations, see:
Barrett's "The Trial of Jeanne d'Arc", p 46;
For a translation of the same passage in the Orleans Manuscript, see: Scot's "The Trial of Joan of Arc", p. 69.

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