Footnote 344

This numeral is, like the previous number in this letter, another mysterious figure that has given birth to a rich variety of interpretations. Jules Quicherat pronounced it to be a two (Quicherat's "Procès...", Vol V, p. 162); Count Conrad de Maleissye thought it was a six ("Les Lettres de Jehanne d'Arc", p. 104 [backside of a reproduction of the letter]); Daniel Jacomet thought it was a two (see his book "Jehanne d'Arc: Quarante-cinq Documents Originaux et Iconographiques...", p. 23); Regine Pernoud & Marie-Veronique Clin interpreted it as a four ("Jeanne d'Arc" [1986], p. 388; "Joan of Arc: Her Story", p. 260); Albert Bigelow Paine saw it as a two ("Joan of Arc: Maid of France", Vol II, p. 25).

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