Citing This Website

In order to cite the material on this website as a source, the following standard format based on the MLA Handbook is recommended. However, individual publications, professors or institutions may expect a format differing from that of the MLA.
Terms enclosed in brackets indicate information which will vary depending upon factors such as the specific portion of the website being cited or the date on which the site was accessed by the reader. See the example farther below for an indication of how such information should be presented.

Format For Citing This Website

Williamson, Allen. [Name of Page]. [Date of Last Site Revision]. Joan of Arc Archive. [Date of Access] <[URL]>.


As an example: if one needs to cite information from the page entitled Condemnation Trial, Motives & Conduct", and the reader has accessed this page on January 17th, 2006, at which time the last site revision was dated November 7th, 2005 (the last site revision is listed at the bottom of the main index page), the citation would be written as follows:

Williamson, Allen. Condemnation Trial, Motives and Conduct. 7 Nov. 2005. Joan of Arc Archive. 17 Jan. 2006 <>.

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