Extensive Sites and Organizations

Historical Association for Joan of Arc Studies. - Main site for this historical society, aka the Historical Academy for Joan of Arc Studies.

Ouvrages de Régine Pernoud - List of books by Joan of Arc historian Régine Pernoud (page in French).

Photographic Tour of "St. Joan of Arc's Country" - Photos of modern Domrémy, Vaucouleurs, etc.

Musée Jeanne d'Arc de Rouen - Joan of Arc Museum (page in French).

Joan of Arc Museum at Rouen - English version of the above.

"St. Joan of Arc Chapel" - Marquette University's site for this chapel, originally called "La Chapelle de St. Martin de Sayssuel'.

"Jeanne d'Arc in the First World War" - Includes photos of WWI soldiers visiting the St. Joan of Arc Basilica in Domrémy.

Brief Biographies

Patron Saints Index: Joan of Arc - Brief summary of her life.

Catholic Encyclopedia - The entry for Joan of Arc in this publication.

Catholic Online Saints - Very short biography.

"Saint Joan of Arc, Virgin" - Chapter from "Lives of Saints" published by John J. Crawley & Co.




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