AI Versions of Joan of Arc, Part 2


he Gemini AI system by Google has had some setbacks and is still not allowed to create images of people (if prompted to do so, it will respond with "We are working to improve Gemini's ability to generate images of people. We expect this feature to return soon and will notify you in release updates when it does.") but it does create images of statues of people when prompted to do so - e.g. if told to "Generate an image of a statue of Joan of Arc" - but not if you replace "statue" with "wooden statue", "stone statue", "marble statue", or "sculpture". Likewise if you substitute the words "painting", "drawing", "wood carving", "mosaic", or "tapestry". However, "gold statue" and "bronze statue" will produce an image. Apparently it considers a statue made of certain materials to be an element of architecture that is within its allowed scope since most of the images that it generates of Joan of Arc statues are modeled after the gold statues on stone pedestals that are often found in front of buildings or at street intersections, and it occasionally generates an image of a building without any statue at all.

Below are some examples produced in June 2024:

Below: This one shows something that is clearly modeled on the classic gold equestrian statue by Emmanuel Fremiet, except with less detail.

Below: This one shows a cathedral evidently patterned after the one in Rheims, France, but no statue of Joan is visible. The actual cathedral does have a bronze statue of her outside the building, which is evidently the reason Gemini generated this image while forgetting to include the statue.

Below: This one is also likely based on the same famous statue.

Below: This one shows her with a sword rather than a banner and therefore isn't based on the Fremiet statue.

Below: Back to the Fremiet model, complete with the same base as the actual statue:

Below: This is a result if "gold statue" is specified: it seems to be indoors and no longer an equestrian statue.

Below: If "bronze statue" is specified, it goes back to the equestrian theme and either generates a duller surface like the one below or just generates a gold-colored statue:

Below: Another result for "bronze statue", this time looking a bit more like the patina that bronze develops over time:


It remains to be seen what Gemini will produce when it is finally allowed to generate images of people again. Its images of statues seem to lack the detail that many Artbreeder images have.

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